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Політика видання    
Journal “Morphologia” provides communication among anatomists, histologists, embryologists and topographical anatomists from different countries. Journal also publishes manuscripts of morphological researches, performed in other fields of medicine. As almost all researches in field of medicine are connected with the assessment of structural changes at cellular and tissue levels, our journal represents a platform for interconnection between theoretical and clinical studies underlining their interdependence. We are focused on articles dedicated to structures of human and animal cells, tissues and organs on different stages of ontogenesis under steady state and after influence of different factors. Journal selects works performed with the help of different types of microscopy, immunodetection, flow cytometry, polymerase chain reaction, cell and tissue culturing, transgenic animals, in vitro fertilization. Journal «Morphologia» publishes reviews and topical articles, lectures, original papers, case reports, review and comments on publications, materials in research methodology, announcements, news, reports, presentations, and materials on the history and chronicles in morphology.